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About the author

I’ve been an avid hiker since my first trip to scotland in 2014. Over the years and several more hikes I’ve really fallen in love with hiking more and more. My favourite hike so far is the Cape Wrath Trail which I did in 2019. When not on vacation I enjoy running and have been getting into cycling more recently. 

About the site

While I enjoy the hikes a lot, I also enjoy researching and refining my gear in the time between hikes. While looking for more gear I always ran into comparison problems. You find nice gear around every corner but not condensed comparable info about the current gear on the market in one place. Some sites offer a lot of brands but there is much more out there that is easy to miss. This site aims to provide a searchable database of the current gear out there to make it more easy to narrow down what you need and rest assured that you explored all your options.


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